Knife Collecting and How to Throw a Knife

collectingAnother really neat hobby that me and a lot of my friends have gotten involved in, is the collection of knives and using them to throw or just showing them off. Knives are all different, and their intended purpose can range considerably, from simple tasks where you will need the use of something like a Swiss Army Knife, to advanced, high end models which are made to be durable.

Some of the most expensive knives which you can buy are survival models. These are very versatile blades, designed to be extremely durable but can take on a variety of tasks. Other knives are designed for every day carry, and are suppose to be smaller than your most high end blades, and also foldable. Then you have knives with special edges, designed to do specific tasks. Some of these varieties include tactical, skinning, or Mora styled varieties. The blades which most people collect however, are EDC knives, because they are allowed to carry them and show them off to their friends while remaining within what the law permits.

How to Throw a Knife

One of the first things that you have to get down if you want to throw a knife, is you will need to learn how to hold it. Most people’s natural way of throwing a knife is actually dead wrong. What they will do, is pick it up, squeeze the handle, and use the extra grip to try and force the blade to its intended target. This is dead wrong. Instead, lightly grab the knife with your thumb directly in the center of the blade, and then simply open your hand after swinging it to release. This method means there is no hand interfering with the blade on release.

Step 1: You have to find your throwing line. Your throwing line is the distance from you and your intended target, and is suppose to be far enough that the blade will do one full rotation before hitting

Step 2: Once you have discovered your intended distance from the target and your line, take a full step back.

Step 3: Now like a field goal kicker, move at a 45 degree angle

Step 4: Your throwing line is now 2 steps in front of you. This gives us enough ramp up speed to toss the knife

Step 5: Release, once you’ve stepped and increased your velocity, release the knife by fully extending your arm towards the target, and follow through with your throw.

Archery and Other Shooting Hobbies

Archery HobbyOne of the more fun an interesting hobbies that you can get involved in is shooting off guns or trying your hand at archery. For me, archery is loads more fun because it is much more difficult to get good at. For instance, I’ve gone hunting dozens of times. When I fire off my .308 Remington, the bullet goes exactly where I want it to go, and my target dies, its pretty mechanical. However, when hunting with a bow, its much more difficult, and this is ramped up more or less depending on the type of bow that you choose.

For instance, recurve bows are considered the most difficult of all bows to use. Most archers simply use these in competitions due to their difficulty to maneuver and lack of power while actually trying to score a kill, but there are several take down bows in this style which have been made. A few other problems with this style is that they are slightly larger, and you will need a lot more strength to get the distance and accuracy which you are looking for.

Compound bows on the other hand are much, much easier to use to land a scoring kill, but are not nearly as easy to use as guns, at the same time. Compound bows are an advanced style of archery which uses a system of cams, pullies, and levers in order to give the necessary power to each arrow. They are much more compact, and when you fire an arrow it doesn’t take nearly as much strength. I prefer to use compound bows, because you still have to stalk your pray, but at the same time you don’t have to be Rambo. One of the problems with using compound bows on the other hand, is that they are clunky to use, and one little failure with the equipment can shorten your hunting experience.

Finally, if you are planning to get really involved in archery, make sure that you go to the range. Getting good at it requires a ton of practice, and no amount of money or quality of the equipment is going to properly prepare you for what its like to shoot game. On the other hand, there isn’t a hobby that is more exciting!

What is Wet Shaving? The Art of Grooming Your Face

What is Wet ShavingOne hobby, which almost isn’t even like hobby, is traditional wet shaving. Well, what is wet shaving? Wet shaving is basically the means of using either a safety razor, or a straight razor, in order to shave. Today, most people use electrical shavers, disposable razors, and clippers to get the job done, which is honestly much quicker and easier to do, however it doesn’t give you the best shave. Where traditional shaving beats these methods, is in their cost effectiveness, and with a little practice, you can get the closest shave possible.

Using a Straight Razor: The very first method of shaving your face, was probably invented thousands of years ago, who can really know? It was basically just a knife and some water and people would shave off their hair, mostly for religious purposes. Later on, shaving became cosmetic, and with it increased frequency of use. To accommodate for this, a new razor style was born, the straight razor. Straight razors basically have two parts, the blade, the lip, and the area where you hold the blade. What makes this such a skill, and very unique, is that there is no guard, unlike today’s razors. You could basically hack away at your face today, but you will not suffer much in the way of cuts or nicks. Try doing that with a straight edge, and you’ll probably die of bleeding. Shaving this way requires a lot of skill, and is an art form, and you have to pick the best straight razor and accessories to do the job right. However, once purchased, it will last you a lifetime.

Using a Safety Razor: Safety razors introduce a guard to your blade, but they are still not like disposable varieties because the guard just reduces the angle at which you can trim with so you don’t cut too deep, you can still easily cut your face. However, they are still far superior to disposables, and here is why. Ever seen those commercials where when you are shaving, with multiple blades it pulls the hair follicle up and then cuts it? That is to imply, that you will have a deeper cut. However, that isn’t the case at all, what actually happens is that causes ingrown hairs and it doesn’t happen with some follicles, where it misses the hair will still be longer. Most of these are also double edged, meaning that you can use each blade twice before use, so safety’s are designed to expose both the front of the blade and the back. Trimming with this method requires a totally different strategy than when cutting with a straight, so keep that in mind, as you will need to cut small patches instead of your entire face at once.

Accessories: You’ll have to look into accessories on your own, but they are very important when it comes to the use of your razors. Some accessories include shaving soap, which is different from cream that you might find in an aeresol bottle but acts in the same way in that it lathers your face. The difference is that soap helps revitalize your skin. You’ll also need a mug or a bowl, brushes to apply the later, and if you are using a straight which is high quality, you’ll need to hone it and sharpen it if you want them to last you forever. The most important task however, is that you purchase the best safety razor, or straight, as this is the primary tool in your grooming arsenal.